My 5 Favourite Moments from the Set of “Heartland” – Season 11

Working on Heartland on CBC this past year was amazing. Like any new acting experience, it came with its own set of cool and surprising moments.

Here are my 5 favourite ‘behind the scenes’ moments from the set.

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Lisa Durupt’s Special Announcement for Hockey Helps the Homeless

Hello Friends,

Once again, I am hosting & participating in the 2017 Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament to raise money for homeless support agencies in Vancouver.  I kindly ask you sponsor my participation in the event and help make a difference in our community.

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Proudly Canadian #MORELIKEGORD

This week the loss of Gord Downie hit hard for a lot of people, but I never thought it would impact me the way it did.

I was by no means a die-hard Tragically Hip fan, though one of their albums was the neverending soundtrack at work for an entire summer at Dairy Queen. But watching the news today as they recapped his life, his accomplishments and his continued selfless acts of kindness, it was overwhelming. Probably the coolest part was the manner in which the reports kept coming back to one main point: HE LOVED BEING CANADIAN. He was so clear on who he was and how he wanted to live his life – helping people, fighting to make his country even better. This made me start to think…who am I? Talk about an intense question, but here is what I came up with:

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Tonight’s the Night for “Heartland”

It’s an honour and a privilege to be part of the brand new season of Heartland and tonight, my Canadian friends can tune in to the CBC to see my debut as Jen.

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My Top 5 “Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder” Behind-The-Scenes Memories

Lisa Durupt on the Set of "Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder" with Kevin O'Grady

It is always such a pleasure and oh-so much fun to work on a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries project. Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Mystery was a special treat. Why? Well, sprinkled throughout the production shoot were several of my favorite things.

Here are my top 5!

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It’s Time for “Date My Dad”


Can you tell that we’re all very excited about sharing Date My Dad with the television world on Friday?

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Andrea Todd’s 5 Most Important Lessons from Eden Lake

For almost two years, I’ve had the privilege of bringing Andrea Todd to life in the Murder She Baked universe for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.
From her inspired beginnings on the printed pages of Joanne Fluke’s original book series (thank you, Joanne!) to her subsequent adventures with an amazing TV family, it’s safe to say that Andrea has learned a lot from her time in Eden Lake. So how would Andrea sum up these experiences?
Well, just ahead of the premiere of Murder She Baked: Just Desserts – tune in March 26th on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – I’m delighted to share what I feel are Andrea Todd’s 5 Most Important Lessons from Eden Lake!

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Rufus 2 Has Arrived

People in the film industry say, “Never work with kids or animals” but I would wholeheartedly disagree! I say bring ‘em on!

Last year, I had the pleasure of working on Rufus, Nickelodeon’s family comedy about a boy named Manny (Davis Cleveland) whose dog comes to life as a dude (Jace Norman). I spent several days on location with the young actors, as well as the canine doubles, and I have to say I was impressed. Call it good parenting or just great luck, but Jace Norman, Haley Tju and Davis Cleveland were a treat to work with. On time, lines memorized and always ready to play, each performer brought their own choices to the table with conviction and lovable sass.

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The Goal That Matters: Sign Me Up, Coach!

It’s a Hollywood North versus the Vancouver Canucks Alumni in a charity hockey game in support of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver and I’m so excited to be involved!

This Friday, January 13th at 5PM will be the 3rd Annual UBC Winter Classic. There will be 2 stop time periods of 10 minutes between of the Vancouver Film Industry and the Vancouver Canucks Almuni to be held before the scheduled game between UBC and my hometown boys, the Manitoba Bisons!

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Me and Hannah Swensen: Solving Murder Mysteries with Alison Sweeney



I was in 6th grade when I first heard about this show all of my girlfriends were watching after school – Days Of Our Lives.


This was – according to a handful of 12-year-old girls – a very serious and very “adult type of show” that they were all racing home to watch. I had no clue what it was, but being the “chubby, funny and addicted-to-joining-any-and-all-clubs” kid that I was, I thought this might help in keeping up with the cool girls at lunch.


So I too decided that day to race home to watch it. I lived about a block from school, so needless to say I had about 30 minutes to kill, as I made myself comfortable for what was to be my very first soap opera viewing. Or so I thought.


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